OKAPI Gallery presents an unique multimedia project u n d e r  t h e  w a t e r 

o n  t h e m o o n  I I

artists Maarja Mäemets, Rait Lõhmus

installation, photo, video

u n d e r  t h e  w a t e r  o n  t h e  m o o n is an image, a concept of ​​a similar vibration frequency that one would encounter either at the bottom of water or in deep space. Loneliness, silence, blurring of the concept of time, strange light - this is how artists and freedivers Maarja Mäemets and Rait Lõhmus would explain their descent into the depths of water. Added to this is a special all-encompassing experience that seems as impossible to describe as a trip to the Moon. Installation fragments, photo recordings and video clips exhibited at OKAPI Gallery are artists' inner reflections of their experiences underwater.

u n d e r  t h e  w a t e r  o n  t h e  m o o n  is a multimedia project that started in spring 2017 when the first series of underwater photos of glass objects by Maarja Mäemets were taken in the Rummu Quarry (authors: freedivers Toomas Kivikas and Rait Lõhmus). The inspiration and recognition that followed that one experience has led the artists to new creative experiments and challenges in the depths to this day. In spring 2020, their first major underwater exhibition will take place in the waters of the Rummu Quarry where the artists will exhibit mixed media pieces combining glass art, concrete and ready-made objects. The artists believe that water will create
a new context for their creation, challenge their installing and visualizing skills as well as expand immensely the whole art experience.

The current exhibition (under the water on the moon II) at Okapi Gallery brings this experimental and special project from the depths of water onto the ground, inviting the viewer on a strange journey.

The artists would like to thank:

freedivers Toomas Kivikas and Vahur Vogt, Rummu Adventurecenter, Sander Kiviselg, Temuri Hvingija, OKAPI Gallery, Krutski Brand