The OKAPI art residency, which opened its doors in 2023, is a versatile platform that supports international artists whose work not only includes photography and glass art, but also works in mixed media. This residency program is aimed at artists who wish to deepen their creative practice and experience inspiration in the beautiful surroundings of Estonia and Saaremaa, as well as the opportunity to realize their vision in photo-video and glass studios near Tallinn.

The residency call for applications, which is announced at the beginning of each year, invites artists from all over the world to participate in an Okapi residency for up to one month.
This period allows artists not only to immerse themselves in their projects, but also to broaden their creative expression and explore the Estonian culture and artistic landscape.

The OKAPI Gallery team, which includes glass artist Birgit Pählapuu photographer and curator Temuri kHvingia is committed to supporting the artists participating in the residency. The team will not only provide the artists with basic tools and creative opportunities, but will also create an inspiring environment where ideas can fly freely and artists can focus on perfecting their creative

In addition to individual work, the residency will include a variety of thematic events and talks. The highlight of these events will be the final exhibition of the residency project, which will take
place in the OKAPI gallery. This exhibition will not only allow the artists to showcase the results of their work but will also provide a platform for the art community to meet, exchange ideas,
and generate new ideas. 
The Okapi Art Residency is not only limited to supporting artists' projects but also creates a strong bridge between artists, fostering an international art community. The importance of this residency program lies in fostering the creative development of artists, creating a new synergy, and a rich exchange of ideas and experiences that enrich both the local and the international art scene.
The Okapi art residency is an inspiring platform that brings together different artistic cultures, allowing artists to be inspired
and create something truly unique.

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