OKAPI GALERII is a contemporary art and design gallery in Tallinn Old Town (since 2013).
OKAPI is unique in Estonia having its focus on two main fields – glass and photography.
The gallery operates both as an exhibition and sales space,
introducing local artists
and their latest creations to audiences with different interests.
Our artists are united by a deepened relationship with their field
and material and our visitors and
customers feel it.

OKAPI's (NGO Okapi) main activities include representing artists,
organizing exhibitions, participating in fairs, initiating public projects,
and working with a mission to promote the local and international
culture. This approach has found active participation
and feedback from a wide audience. In the course of its activities,
OKAPI works with a variety of media – from glass, photography,
and graphics to
innovative mixed-media solutions.

Operating on a representative and easily accessible site
in the Old Town, the gallery is attractive to both domestic
and foreign visitors, from experts to casual entrants.
Participating consistently at both local and distant events and fairs,
the gallery acts as an artistic and cultural agent in terms of both
importer and exporter, concluding and mediating professional contacts,
and seeking and creating new
opportunities to engage with audiences.

The most important trends and present creators of Estonian glass art are represented
at OKAPI gallery’s premises and on the Web. The showcase includes consumer and
design glass, small series as well as unique objects.
Next to glass, the gallery focuses on contemporary photography
presented by a diverse group of internationally acclaimed local photographers.

 / studio

In addition to the exhibition space, a studio specializing in lampworking operates at OKAPI,
where glass beads and miniatures are made in the Murano technique.
For those interested in the technique and the making process, workshops and courses are offered.

The aim of both the gallery's and the studio's activities is to introduce the trends in contemporary
and photography to a wider audience, while being a constant center of new topics and changes.

/ partners

The completion of the website was supported by the European Regional Development Fund project
"Estonian and Business Development Support Structure for Contemporary Art"
(implemented by the Estonian Center for Contemporary Art Development) Frame.