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Temuri Khvingia

In the project "Boundless Cities", the author focuses on urban space and objects of modern architecture, looking for special elements, geometric patterns of modern architecture, and binding lines on objects. In this series, the artist combines different genres and materials and is not afraid to experiment with new techniques and technologies, leaving photography as the root of the works in the media mix.

In today's world, the issue of borders is very relevant. On the one hand, people's identity or national meta-and also physical boundaries protect. On the other hand, growth and expansion seem to be more natural or inherent in a person than self-locking. And growing means shifting boundaries or losing them altogether. In human behavior, this trend can be observed in the phenomenon of urbanization. Urban boundaries are merging, megapolises are growing and expanding again. The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 showed how easily people can "lock in" or create physical and meta-boundaries for each other.
In his works, the artist tries to cross boundaries, move them, or get rid of them completely. The works express the multi-layeredness and limitless possibilities of the world and our sphere of life.

The project consists of large-format photographs with an Augmented Reality experience and additional exclusive audio NFTs, which expands the depth and beauty of the works of art. Combination of AR & AI, or Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence, implemented by multidisciplinary artist Gleb Divov (LT), the inventor and CEO of Musical Blockchain - multi-awarded world's first psychology-based AI music composer and crypto art creator.

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