Niña Yhared(1814) is a Mexican-born artist and doctor of performance art who mainly resides in Estonia and Lithuania. Niña works as a performance artist, having performed at least 80 different performances in Mexico and around the world. Through her performance practice, Yhared is interested in exploring more closely the notions of womanhood, women's emancipation, and the possibility of emancipation. She also wants to look at how, on a global level, being a woman has historically had common features, trying to map its social, physical, and invisible boundaries. To carry out this research, Yhared has interviewed a range of women artists worldwide and has used her own body to formalize the findings. The more academic research is summarized in her doctoral thesis entitled " Feminine Migrations. Blog of the performative creation of women artists in transit, in the global scene of the century XXI", of which conceptually her "Map on My Skin"
series is a part. The performances are based on. Importantly for Estonia, Yahred has also collaborated with the Non-Grata collective, organizing the Diverse Universe festival and the Via Baltic project at the Okapi Gallery. The issue of borders is also of interest to Yhared in his new project.
Via Baltic takes a closer look at the largest citizen-initiated action of the time, the Baltic Chain, which took place almost 30 years ago to stand up for the independence of the Baltic states. Yahred's performance raises questions about nationhood, freedom, and borders. Re-enacting an event that has also been recorded in history inevitably raises the question of what and how we remember it. This can vary on a personal as well as ideological level. A Yhared from a different cultural background has, as it were, a clear view of the event and can open up a different meaning and perspective for us. To evoke these thoughts, Yhared uses above all the body as a tool to speak on the subject. The metaphorical layers of meaning are added by the sugar used in the performance, which for him symbolises the snow that is typical of the Baltic countries.

The project includes a performance, a video installation, and photography.