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"M_M_M_M” is a joint art project of photographer Temuri kHvingia and blacksmiths/metal artists Rait Siska and Risto Tali.
A performance and sound artist Erik Alalooga is also involved in the project as a guest artist

This Is an art project that binds together the attitudes and relations of the three authors towards modern art and the world in general.
The artists wish to cross the borders, shift them, or get rid of all borders.
The impulse for this collective creation has come from different art disciplines and techniques from history, which remain relevant even today. We take from the past and pass it on to the future.

The exhibited works combine different styles, forms, and techniques of photography and metal art. Different mediums are combined by the authors.
The so-called “Punk”-etching includes material (metal sheet) acid etching, bending, and photography process.
This technology is taking the photo etching to a new level.
As far as we know, exactly this technique has not been used in Estonia or anywhere else before.
The process was invented by the artists themselves.

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