Hairy Vision series

photo collage & montage


Photographic artist Riina Varol's exhibition "Hairy Vision" tickles one's intuitive antennae.

"I got a feeling, that I have forgotten something important. There is so much information and
the buffer is so small. I was convinced that everything is stored somewhere. But where? First,
I started looking for a storage device or link to take me to the information. The subject of hair
has always fascinated me, especially after I dreamt a premonition of a girl with hair down to
her heels who seemed to symbolize the light, cleanliness, and innocence of the world. From
there on hair has been the focal point of my creative senses and has been seeking for a
way out at every possible moment," says the artist about the conception of her new exhibition
and adds: "In addition to the aesthetic side, the hair also interests me from its symbolic,
anthropological, genealogical and communicative starting point – hair as intuitive antennae."
"This exhibition forms a part of my hairy vision. Of all the layered fibers and recorded
moments spatial and sensual collages and assemblies have reached form. By playing with
one's subconscious, thoughts, and hair, I discovered that our bodies record a lot of the
unnecessary and we forget that we should tidy up regularly and "take out the rubbish" –
cleanse our system, delete unnecessary and unpleasant thoughts, feelings, and emotions
said out loud and thought to oneself and notice more of the positive which brings joy to all of
us" says Riina Varol about her creative process and essence of her exhibition.

Riina Varol is a photographic artist who on a daily basis is involved in portrait, fashion, and
commercial photography. Equally to humans, she is interested in nature and the fusion of
the natural and man-made. Riina compares the beauty of surface textures and color
associations with music. In photography, she sees a possibility for a dialogue with the
ambient – by attempting to reflect in her photos the better side of the world, she discovers
something new about herself. After her personal exhibitions "Before Ground" and "10
Commandments", "Hairy Vision" is Riina Varol's third exhibition in addition to participation at
several group exhibitions.
"Hairy Vision" is a slightly surreal, fun, foolish, seeking and transforming, enchanted quest
through collages layered by symbolic fragments towards photographic assembly.

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