Tarrvi Laamann (b. 1973) studied printmaking at the Estonian Academy of Arts, graduated from the master’s program in 2000, and has been a member of the Estonian Artists’ Association since 1994. Since September 1998, Laamann has been known for organizing the Bashment events introducing reggae culture on Estonian and foreign stages.

Tarrvi Laamann justifies the use of the woodcut technique as follows:
“You never know what the result will be, because wood plays tricks like crazy. OK, if I worked with a smooth oak board, the result would be more predictable. But I work with plywood. This is what makes it interesting because there are many elements – I have the feeling that I haven’t even made it, but God or someone else has put stupid ideas into my head and then the woodcut adds its own quirks. I like that. One can’t really control it, just like life.”

Tarrvi Laamann’s pictures are influenced by reggae and its homeland Estonia. Trips to the “colored worlds” have added bright colors, smells, tastes, warmth, rhythms, and a feeling that you are on vacation. All this radiance and colorfulness results in a beauty that is more spiritual than decorative. Laamann’s works are positive and happy; it’s his way of improving the world.