DStudio calendar 2021   MERILA & LAURITS

DeStudio was a grouping of Estonian artists who at the beginning of the 1990s very powerfully entered the changing art scene and made a strong impact on the art world of the time with their works carried by the spirit of the era. The joint works of Peeter Laurits and Herkki-Erich Merila actualized photography and brought it from the peripheries of the art landscape to the center. Mining raw material for their works from all kinds of visual sources, from advertising to surrealist photography, they vigorously reinterpreted contemporary modernist views on pictures and pictorialism. It is probably safe to say that DeStudio is one of the most influential groupings of photographers of the twentieth century.
The exhibition at Fotografiska in spring 2021 is the first substantial retrospective of DeStudio’s works after almost 30 years since they were active. The pieces are from private and public collections, some works that over time have gone missing or have been destroyed are going to be reconstructed.

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